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Premier Rat Pack Entertainment in Chicago & The Midwest



SOLO: Live Vocal To Professional Music Tracks - The authentic music & arrangements as you remember.

DUO: Vocal & Keyboards - All "Live" or tastefully supplemented with Pro Music Tracks.

Shows with Pop (i.e. Elvis, Neil Diamond) may also feature Steve on Guitar

TRIO: Vocal, Keyboards & Bass - With Extra Depth & Color (Or Saxophone/Trumpet in place of Bass)

QUARTET: Vocal, Keyboards, Bass & Drums - The Classic Line Up with increased rhythm

& range. (Or Saxophone/Trumpet in place of Drums)

QUINTET: Vocal, Keyboards, Bass, Drums & Saxophone or Trumpet - Providing a wide sound spectrum and extra musical versatility.

(SX: Saxophone / TP: Trumpet / TB: Trombone)

7 PIECE SWING BAND: Vocal, Keyboards, Bass, Drums & 3 Brass (SX/TP/TB)

9 PIECE ORCHESTRA: Vocal, Keyboards, Bass, Drums & 5 Brass (2 SX/2 TP/1 TB) 

13 PIECE BIG BAND: Vocal, Keyboards, Bass, Drums & 9 Brass  (4 SX/3 TP/2 TB) 

16 PIECE CLASSIC BIG BAND: Vocal, Keyboards, Bass, Drums, Guitar & 11 Brass (5 SX/3 TP/3 TB) 

Happy users of Shure Mics, Pro BOSE Sound & Chauvet Lighting

Shows with Pop (Elvis, Neil Diamond, etc) also feature Steve on Guitar


Promotional Materials & Photos please email:

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