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Premier Rat Pack Entertainment in Chicago & The Midwest


SOLO: Vocal With Professional Orchestral Music Tracks - For audiences of 10 to 500

DUO: Vocal & Keyboards - For Small to Midsize gatherings.

TRIO: Vocal, Keyboards & Bass or Vocal, Keyboards & Sax - With extra depth & color for Small to Midsize settings and groups.

QUARTET: Vocal, Keyboards, Bass & Drums or Vocal, Keyboards, Bass & Sax - With

increased rhythm and range for Midsize to Large gatherings (and dance!)

QUINTET: Vocal, Keyboards, Bass, Drums & Sax - Offering wide musical versatility for Midsize to Large groups and settings. 

7 PIECE: Vocal, Keyboards, Bass, Drums & 3 Brass - The "Small" Big Band for Midsize to Large gatherings, providing a rich & robust sound.

10+ PIECE: Vocal, Keyboards, Bass, Drums & 6 Brass+ - The Big Band for Large settings and groups, for that classic Big Band Experience!

Instrumentation tailored to your event, additional vocalists may be added.

Shows with Pop (Elvis, Neil Diamond, etc) also feature Steve on Guitar

Happy users of Shure Mics, Pro BOSE Sound & Chauvet Lighting